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When Kelsey moved to Lakewood Ranch, Fl after college, she knew she had found the area of her dreams. Sunny Southwest Florida and this master-planned community had stolen her heart. Now, she sets out to explore the cuisine, social functions, shopping, health, and politics of the area to broadcast them to residents, snowbirds, and wannabe Ranchers.

Kelsey currently works in the precious metals industry as a marketer, but her passion has always been in writing and reporting. Follow her experiences and get an up-close-and-personal look at the Lakewood Ranch Lifestyle.

What is LWR Lifestyle?

IMG_8447For the two decades that Kelsey lived in Sarasota County, she had her eye on Lakewood Ranch. As a teenager, she noticed how much bang for your buck you got when it came to housing. As an adult, she realized how close to her family it is, the abundance of restaurants and the quaint atmosphere not found in any other South Florida city. Now that the new University Town Center has opened, there is absolutely nothing missing (except a Barnes & Noble, but we’ll get to that later).

Kelsey thought LWR was somewhere she’d end up in her thirties when she is ready for kids (partly because as it continued to grow she wasn’t sure if I could afford it), but an opportunity landed in her lap and she is now settling down in her very first home. But she has also experienced the rental side of the town in The Venue Apartments.

As she discovers the local community of LWR, she has decided to totally revamp her blog to be all about the places she visits and the people she meets in this new journey. LWR Lifestyle will feature concert and restaurant reviews, cover events, share the interesting people in the community, discuss local businesses and hope to encompass the unique lifestyle of LWR.

So follow Kelsey as she discovers, a place that was always right under her nose, her new home, Lakewood Ranch.