New Job, New City, New Mission


My first thought — after being thankful I found a new job in an amazing city — was that I wanted to share this new community with everyone. Then I had another thought: Why not revamp my blog into more of an online publication? I could cover events and review local businesses like I would if I were working at a magazine.

So now, what you’re seeing, is the brainchild of that very first thought. It’s brand new and is still being developed. All of the articles (besides this one) are from my blog when it was The Beauty Within Life’s Journey. So give it time. I will be writing about my experiences in this wonderful town. I’ll be letting you know what it’s like living at the newest community in LWR and where the best places to eat are.

If you’re choosing to stay with me on this new journey in my twenties, I really appreciate it. My blog was a documentation of my travel through this incredible decade, but I am more excited about this new mission. In addition to seeing how my work and life is going, you’ll be learning about LWR. I hope to inspire some of you to visit this town, meet the extraordinary people and give back locally to keep our local economy strong.

As you can see in the photo above, LWR has become my very-own City of Dreams. Right after signing my lease and walking around Main Street, I sat on a bench–a very random bench–and this is what it told me: The past is over – learn from it. The future isn’t here yet – plan for it. The present is a gift – live for it. 

So that’s what I’m doing. Thank you for being a part of it.


One thought on “New Job, New City, New Mission

  1. Collin knight

    I’m very excited to see your blog transform, I can’t wait to see what great articles you will write about your experiences in LWR.

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