22 reasons my 22nd year will be better than my 21st


1. I’ve stopped biting my nails and I now have the long, natural nails I’ve always wanted.

2. Derby completed dog school and no longer terrorizes everyone he sees…just don’t get too close to me when he’s around.

3. I’m moving a lot closer to home–to Lakewood Ranch–the only place in Florida I’ve actually ever wanted to live.

4. Instead of losing a job at a startup, I’ve gained one at a company that’s 11 years old.

5. I’m making way more money and now have an idea of what it’s like to actually budget, so it won’t go to waste.

6. Turning 22 means people won’t look surprised when you tell them you’re “only 21.”

7. I’m actually putting a dent into my twenties which seems more thrilling than intimidating now.

8. I’m kicking it off in New York City.

9. My first birthday dinner is at the Melting Pot with Collin, who I live 20 minutes from instead of 3.5 hours.

10. I am going to get to see my niece and nephew regularly rather than when I’m “in town.”

11. I’ll actually be able to go home and walk my dog during lunch since I’ll live closer to where I work.

12. I’ll learn this so-called-joy of wood floors and granite counter tops that everyone seems to have.

13. I’ll be one year closer to retirement — with my first 401k to boot.

14. I’ll officially live right across the street from — wait for it — Starbucks.

15. My new apartment has a spin and yoga room which means no extra gym memberships for this lady!

16. I took a break from blonde and went brown for fall. Adios Miranda and Britney.

17. My best friend is graduating from SEU and we may actually live in the same city for more than two months.

18. I won’t have to haul my dog across the state if I want to go home to Venice for a home cooked meal.

19. I have a real excuse to learn to cook with my new granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

20. I got a second job as a freelancer for a company in NYC so that I can keep getting bylines, which pretty much makes me a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw. Right?

21. I’ll be able to buy actual Christmas presents that mean something because I’ll be able to afford them.

22. I’ve learned that bad luck has no prejudice, but being ambitious and determined will help you get exactly what you want when the time is right.

“Timing is everything. When you’re really ready for it, it will come.” -Mandy Hale

Editor’s Note: the picture at the top is of me in New York City at none other than Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment.


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